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Tanjoubi Omedetou Kitayama Hiromitsu ^^

Author: honeyshikido

Title: Kugatsu Jushichinichi

Started: 21:30 (16/09/2011)

Finished: 00:50 (17/09/2011)

Note: It has been years since i last wrote fanfic. i don't know whether people in FB read fanfics or not. but i hope that all of you will like it. im sorry for any grammatical errors as i just did this add hoc hehe. Enjoy!

Nikaido was walking alone in an empty alley. The cold weather killed him but he needs to pass the message as it was super important.  He looked up to the sky. Hmmm…looks like the rain will fall any minute now. I better hurry.  And he sped up towards a shabby looking wooden house at the end of the alley. Nikaido looked towards his left and right. After making sure that nobody was nearby, he pushed the main door opened and entered.

“Tomorrow is D-Day.” Nikaido said, looking at 5 other men whom were already in the house.

                                       *             *             *

Kitayama jolted up on his bed. After adjusting his eyes to the sunlight, only he realized that his breathing was sharp and heavy. What was that? Bad dream? Kitayama took his time to get himself off his bed. Opening the curtains, he smiled. How can I have a bad dream on such a lovely day?

Kis-My-Ft2 got 3 days off starting from today, first time after they have debuted. Life has been so hectic since then for the whole of Kis-My-Ft2 members, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke, Yokoo Wataru, Nikaido Takashi, Senga Kento, Tamamori Yuta, and Miyata Toshiya.

After brushing his teeth and taking his shower, Kitayama sat on the couch in the living room, watching early morning show while having his

breakfast. Since every members decided to have their own activities and take a break, Kitayama decided to stroll along a nearby beach and catch a movie later tonight. Visiting his families was on his going-to-do list too.

When Kitayama was about to switch off the television, something caught his eyes,the title of the early morning entertainment news.  is-My-Ft2 members are not in a good term? What the…? Kitayama turned the volume louder.

“We’ve got some information from a trustable source that Kis-My-Ft2 is having internal problem right now. So we decided to interview some of the members.” The man newscaster said. He then turned to his left and nodded to his colleague, a beautiful young lady. “Shall we, Midori-san?”

“Yes, Aoyama-san.” She nodded back before throwing her gaze to the camera, allowing Kitayama to see her face clearly once again. “We will give the members a call now to check on the situation.”

Ring, ring…ring, ring….ri..click!

“Moshi, moshi?”

 “Ah! Moshi, moshi! ASA TV no Aoyama desu. Is that Fujigaya Taisuke from Kis-My-Ft2?” Aoyama waited patiently as the person on the other end did not answer directly.

 “Hai, Fujigaya desu.” Fujigaya’s voice was quite husky. Maybe because he was still sleeping when he picked up the call just now.

 “I’m sorry to bother you this early in the morning. We would like to clarify something with you regarding the rumor that has been spreading recently about Kis-My-Ft2.” Aoyama paused to give some space to Fujigaya to respond.

 “….oh…how can I help you, Aoyama-san?” Uncertainty sounded in Fujigaya’s voice.

 Nani o kore? How can this happen when we were about to have everything?!!! What’s going on?!!! What’s with the rumor? What is the rumor in the first place?! Kitayama started to feel uneasy.

 “We heard that most of the members are not in a good terms with the leader, Kitayama Hiromitsu. Is that true?”

 Kitayama’s eyes broaden hearing the question. It was not only about Kis-My-Ft2 in general, but the rumor is about him! What the…?

  “….ehemm….” Fujigaya cleared his throat. “…well…you can say that it’s true in some sort of way…”

 Kitayama’s jaw dropped. The television’s remote control slipped from his hand and fell hard on the floor. Leaving the television on,  Kitayama shot up and tried to find his keitai. He couldn’t focus on the television broadcast anymore but still could hear the bits of  conversation while searching for his keitai. He wanted to call other members and get some clarification himself.

 “….lovethe limelight…show off….” And after awhile Kitayama heard Nikaido’s voice, “….always asleep…how can he become the leader?” Not long after, he heard Tamamori’s, “…bossy…good for nothing….”

Kitayama’s heart was aching badly now. He did not expect that he will be betrayed by his own friends. He was holding his keitai when he turned around to face the television. And the next thing he knew, his keitai was already crashing on the floor in front of the television, and the television has stopped functioning.

                                         *             *             *            

Nikaido was startled when he received a call from Aoyama this morning. Aoyama caught him off guard. He did not expect that Aoyama will really call him and the other boys thus he was not prepared. Luckily he saw Senga whom was still sleeping at that time. It gave him idea since Kitayama loves to sleep too…all the time. But it seemed that Aoyama only managed get Nikaido, Fujigaya, and Tamamori since the others did not know about the morning calls.

Senga skipped towards Nikaido and flung his arms around the other’s neck from behind causing Nikaido to choke his breath.

“What the…? Get off me!” Nikaido slapped Senga’s hand around his neck softly. Senga grinned.

“So? How is it going? Is everything’s falling into plan?” Senga went around Nikaido and sat in front of the other. He could see Nikaido was holding his anger towards him, so he quickly rose up both hands as if he surrendered.

“It better be.” Yokoo appeared. “I don’t wanna do all this for nothing.”

“Yeah.” Fujigaya interfered. He had just come out from shower and looking dangerously sexy. His fans would die seeing him like that.

Suddenly a crashing sound from outside alarmed all of them. They quickly went out to check what happened…except Fujigaya whom was just in his small towel…only to find Miyata crashed onto the dustbin right in front of the door. Luckily that area was a really deserted area  and nobody saw what happened.

                                       *             *             *

This is not how he planned to spend his holiday. Kitayama wore tick clothes, a cap, and a sun-glass to disguise so that nobody would  notice him. He has been loitering around town the whole day trying to catch anything about Kis-My-Ft2 from the public. But he could not hear or see anything odd. Neither nobody was talking about Kis-My-Ft2 nor about him.

Previously, when something happened to Kis-My-Ft2, like when Tamamori fell off stage while performing, like when Nikaido yelled at the senpai, Koyama from NEWS, the news spread so fast. When Kitayama stepped into the public, he could hear everything, every single details. That was how famous Kis-My-Ft2 in Japan.

But today is different. It’s dark, I better get going. Better luck tomorrow. Kitayama went out from Mc Donald’s. He had been sitting there from noon till about 10pm just to get some info. He chose Mc Donald’s because it was a place where teenagers love to hangout thus gossips can be caught easily.

Kitayama stroll lazily on the sidewalk in Harajuku. He was thinking that maybe he could find something to ease his mind. He had always love lights. Looking at the colourful and bright lights always made his day. Normally when he was down, he will go to some bright places with his band mates cum best friends, and it would definitely cheer him up.

Just like when he failed 1 of his exam papers during his last short semester in summer, his best friends surprised him by bringing him to a nearby beach and presented him with bright and beautiful fireworks. It was at that time that Kitayama realized how much he treasures Kis-My-Ft2.

Not anymore. Kitayama sighed.

                                       *             *             *

Yokoo drove the van crazily. He had to move fast as they don’t have much time left. Nikaido, Fujigaya, and Senga were all preparing the tools that they need, while Miyata was busy screaming at the back seat.

“Shut up Miyacchi, or we’ll throw you out of the van!” Fujigaya warned him. Tamamori shot a don’t-you-dare look at Fujigaya before putting focusing back on his job. 

“There he is!!!” Yokoo shouted as he saw Kitayama on the street.

Fujigaya glanced at his wrist watch and nodded. “We have to do it now!”

                                         *             *             *

Kitayama heard a screeching sound but was not in the mood to care.  When he was about to cross the road, a van pulled over in front of him. The door slide opened and 4 masked men appeared. 1 man pulled a black cloth over his head, covering his eye-sight completely. Another 2 quickly grabbed Kitayama, while the other 1 jumped off the van and pushed him hard inside before climbing in himself.

Kitayama struggled and tried to free himself, and stopped abruptly when he heard a familiar voice. “Stop struggling or I will make sure that you sing and dance for the rest of your live.”

It was Nikaido. The voice was coming from his right side. And Kitayama was sure now the person on his left was Miyata at the way the other held him…nervous. He was fidgeting in his seat. The drive must be Yokoo as he was the only 1 whom know how to drive. Fujigaya, who was a very calm guy must be sitting behind him to monitor the whole situation, while Senga…who knows where he was sitting right now, maybe at the passenger’s beside Yokoo.

What the hell is happening? Do they really hate me that much? What have I done to them?

As if he could hear Kitayama’s mind, Nikaido lean in and whisper into Kitayama’s ear, not wanting others to hear the conversation, “This is

what you got for not noticing how much I love you all this while. You have been too busy spending your time with you so-called-best-friend
Taipi during your free time and neglected the others.  And now I’m over my limit and you have to know that!”

Kitayama was trying  to reply Nikaido back but he gasped instead when a hand covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief harshly. Nika-chan…loves me? He…loves… Kitayama passed out.

                                         *             *             *

Yokoo drove the van onto the pavement in front of the shabby looking wooden house. Yokoo anf the others then moved quickly into the house, with Fujigaya carrying Kitayama on his shoulder. While waiting for Miyata to open the door, the black cloth that has been covering Kitayama’s head loosens up and fell onto the ground.

Kitayama slowly get his conscious back. But his head was still heavy and dizzy. He saw the wooden house and as he was about to look for any clues that might let him know where he has been taken, the house door swung opened and he decided to close his eyes again and pretended that he was still unconscious.

Fujigaya dropped Kitayama onto a wooden chair before Senga took the role of tying his leader with a rope. Not to tight, but tight enough for that Kitayama won’t have a chance to escape.  Tamamori went over to a table, grabbed a glass of water and walked back towards where Kitayama was tied up. He then harshly splashed the water onto Kitayama’s face, emptying the glass.

Kitayama turned his face around and coughed. Slowly he opened his eyes. The house was too dark that it took him a few minutes to adjust his eye-sight. Once adjusted, his eyes couldn’t see that far. But he could definitely see his band mates’ faces clearly as all of them were standing so close to him.

“What do you guys want from me?!” Kitayama’s voice was low but stern. He still could not accept this betrayal.

Nikaido laughed and squatted down right in front of Kitayama. It has always been Kitayama, Fujigaya, and Tamamori to lead the acting part in Kis-My-Ft2. But he would love to be the leader this time. Nikaido gazed up to Kitayama’s face and grinned. Suddenly his right hand shot up and grabbed Kitayama’s chin and pushed it up. Kitayama groaned.

“Nothing such. I wonder how much you treasure your…” Nikaido place his free hand onto Kitayama’s right tigh, squeezing it a little, pushed his head up and brought his lips nearer to Kitayama’s throat. Nikaido could feel Kitayama tensed up in his hand. Loving the moment, he licked Kitayama’s throat and planted a chaste kiss, before letting his leader go.

Kitayama gasped. He did not manage to do anything as everything happened in a flash. He had never imagined that Nikaido, his kouhai
had the courage to do that to him. He could feel that Nikaido’s gaze was still on him. Kityama bit his lower lip while trying to steady himself, realizing that he was holding his breath the whole time Nikaido had him in his hand.

 Fujigaya looked at the whole drama patiently from afar as he had gone to the table to get something. A pang of jealousy crept inside him looking at how Nikaido had treated Kitayama. He quickly shoved it away. This is not the time, Taipi! He walked slowly towards Kitayama again.

“We have been very patient towards your attitude all this while. You have been using us as you like, bossing us as you like, ordering us this and that.” Fujigaya’s voice was cold.

Kitayama looked at him trying to find the sincerity in the other’s words. Fujigaya’s facial expression didn’t show that he was not kidding or lying. Butterflies started playing tag inside Kitayama’s stomach as Fujigaya was getting nearer and nearer, and something is definitely in the other’s hand that was hidden behind him.

“WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” Fujigaya shouted and swung his hidden hand with his full strength towards Kitayama’s head. Kitayama closed his eyes and…


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” the lights went on and popping sounds can be heard all over the house.

Kitayama opened his heavy lidded eyes slowly. For the first time he could see clearly. There were so many people in the house. Most of them are from the agency, and some from ASA TV. Aoyama and Midori were there too.

“…wha…” something dropped into Kitayama’s mouth when he tried to responded. Sweet…soft…cake?

Nikaido wiped a finger onto Kitayama’s cheek and chuckled. Showing his finger in front of Kitayama’s face, he then licked it. “Hmmm…the cake is really delicious. Why must we waste it like this.” He sighed. “ luckily we have one more for Micchan’s birthday celebration.” He smiled.

Yokoo and Miyata whom had been very quite went to help Kitayama to undo the rope that has been binding him onto the wooden chair.  Senga then went and kneed down at Kitayama’s side suddenlt licked the cake on Kitayama’s cheek and laughed before making a cute doggie sound.

Kitayama looked at his other kouhai as he was set free. “And now you are a doggie?” he ruffled Senga’s hair lovingly.

Kitayama tried to stand up but his legs failed on him. Fujigaya quickly grabbed him to give support.  Looking at each other, they both smiled.

“Hiro, happy birthday. I’m sorry…we’re sorry if we’ve hurt you.” Fujigaya started.

“Yeah, we’re sorry. It was all an acting and it was Nikaido’s idea! He has always wanted to be a leading actor in a drama.” Senga interrupted. He looked at Yokoo, Tamamori, and Miyata for support, but the others just looked away. “Minna~!” Senga pouted.

Kitayama suddenly burst out laughing. All of the Kis-My-Ft2 members sighed in relieve. “You guys are the greatest!” Kitayama said happily.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the party started!”  Yokoo announced.

                                         *             *             *

Later that night, when all of the guests had leave Kitayama’s surprise birthday party, the rest of the Kis-My-Ft2 members grabbed Kitayama
again, with Fujigaya covering Kitayama’s eyes with his hands, and brought the little guys towards the backyard.

“Well…we have another surprise for you leader-kun.” Fujigaya said as he dropped his hand from Kitayama’s eyes.

“TA-DAA~~~” the backyard was carefully and beautifully decorated. In the house just was beautiful too. You will not expect to see the inside like that just by looking at the wooden house from the front side.

Kitayama’s jaw dropped, “All of you did all this for me? Minna…hontoni arigatou gozaimashita!” he bowed and a few clear drops of water fell onto the ground. He then straightens up again to look at his best friends. “I don’t know how to thank all of you. Today is the memorable birthday celebration in my life!”

His eyes then fell onto Nikaido’s face. “your acting was good, Nika-chan. You’ll definitely get your chance soon,” Kitayama smiled warmly.

Nikaido smailed back. But when I said I’ve been loving you…it was not an acting…it was real. If only you can see….

Suddenly fireworks shot up to the clear sky, forming words. Words that touchedKitayama’s heart the most. All of the Kis-My-Ft2 members gathered nearer to each other and sat on the ground watching the beautiful fireworks and enjoy the night.

September 17! (Kugatsu Jushichinichi)

Happy Birthday, our lovely leader, Hiro!

Let’s bring Kis-My-Ft2 to the Top of the World Together!

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